About Us

Welcome to my collection of needlepoint canvases! I'm SO glad you are here. Let's be hermit crabs together and stitch forever! But for real, needlepoint is the most relaxing hobby, and the perfect way to be creative while using sustainable materials, and make something to cherish for a lifetime.

The Back Story

After years of corporate jobs in the retail and real estate world, I could never shake my need for an independent creative outlet. I tried hard to feel whole in my career, but I always knew I wanted something more. The hobby of needlepointing is a long standing tradition in my family, going back four generations and it had always been my crutch - creatively and mentally - especially when the pandemic hit.  For years I experimented with different hobbies and outlets - and have been so grateful to discover the path of designing needlepoint canvases! It's the perfect marriage of my two loves - art and stitching.

What We Do

At Allison Ivy Designs I strive to design fresh, fun and timeless needlepoint canvases. Each canvas is lovingly painted by hand, using the “stitch-painting” technique to help guide your stitches, great for stitchers of ALL levels.
If there is anything you need, such as thread recommendations or a how-to on needlepointing, don't hesitate to reach out! I love to teach and provide tips and suggestions.

Happiest stitching!
xo Allison